Thursday, February 05, 2004


On one of the Dean mailing lists I belong to some Dean supporters have been expressing the opinion that if Dean drops out and Kerry wins the nomination they will not be voting for him in the Fall. They have said things like that Dean's falls proves that Nader was right that the parties really aren't any different and that its useless to even fight.

I sent the following in response:

Did people really think that taking back the Democratic party would be an easy task? Did they think that, even if Dean got the nomination, that that would mean we got it back?

Taking back the party will be a hard slog that could take years. But it will take even longer if you cut and run at the first sign you aren't getting what you want. That's Naderism to its core.

Dean HAS made a difference in this party even if it doesn't show it at the highest levels. A lot of pundits are trying to say that Dean has given the Dems a backbone transplant so he isn't needed anymore and neither are we (except for our votes and our money).


We are needed to make that transplant real. We are needed to KEEP the party chanting the Dean message UNTIL THEY MEAN IT.

Running away just because Dean didn't get the nomination and just because he got screwed by some members of the establishment (aside: not all Democratic leaders screwed Dean and Dean is not entirely blameless in the troubles he has had) isn't going to help one damn bit!

Taking back the party will be a process that will NEVER end. Even if we get it back it will only be temporary. This is a fight that WILL continue from now until the end of time.

Victory comes in small doses as well as large. D-Day wasn't the first battle of the Allied offensive against the Nazis. Not every victory is a rout. Sometimes they are damn bloody!

Look around at the Dean forces. Within this group, nationwide, there are probably about 20,000-30,000 DEDICATED political activists who weren't activists before this election cycle. Do you think that group is just going to go away? Do you think that group is just going to go back to their idle lives just because Dean doesn't get the nomination?

Hell no! They are going to run for office! They are going to take over city councils and school boards. They are going to run for commissioner, mayor, congressman, Senator and maybe, someday, President.

This is not the end folks. It is only the beginning.

Now get back to work!


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