Saturday, January 31, 2004

Working the refs

Democrats say CBS panders to GOP

Some Congressional Democrats are on the warpath over CBS' refusal to sell Super Bowl ad time to Berkeley-based for a spot criticizing President Bush.

Refusing the ad "appears to be part of a disturbing pattern on CBS' part to bow to the wishes of the Republican National Committee," more than two dozen House members said in a letter sent Wednesday to CBS Television president and CEO Leslie Moonves.


You know, regardless of whether CBS rejected the MoveOn ad for the reasons they stated or because they were trying to cury favor with Republicans doesn't really matter. What matters is if Democrats hold their feet to the fire over it. That's what Republicans have been doing for years in pushing their "Liberal Media" myth. The result has been a media that is so sensitive to that criticism that they go out of their way to avoid even the appearance of bias towards liberals.

But, if liberals can make the media just as jumpy about attacks from them then maybe we can really start to get some "fair and balanced" coverage.


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