Saturday, January 31, 2004

The plan is working

Kos keys into something I've been talking about in my last couple of posts, but he does a better job of distilling it down to its essentials: the candidates are ignoring the "conventional wisdom" as expounded by the media and continuing on despite the predictions that they will drop out as soon as they stumble. And it's not just Dean who is doing this. Kerry did it before Iowa and Edwards and Clark are doing it post New Hampshire.

Hell, even Lieberman is ignoring the calls for him to drop out. I've been one of those who has said he should drop out. But I've reconsidered. If Lieberman wants to remain in this race as long as he has money to spend then God bless him.

The more voices there are in this chorus the better. The longer this race goes on the longer it will suck up the media oxygen that Bush would be using to revitalize his public image. The more the voices of criticism of Bush are heard in the media the more Bush will fall in the polls.

I've been arguing for death by a thousand paper cuts for a long time. Now we are finally getting it.


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