Friday, February 27, 2004

God I hope they go through with this

(link and quote courtesy Kevin Drum)

A report on GOP convention plans:

“The entire format and actual physical setup could be radically different,” one GOP insider commented. “They might not even have a podium, or maybe a rotating podium or even a stage that comes up from underground. It would be like a theater in the round, with off-site events that are part of the convention.”

The source, a veteran official of past GOP conventions, said the 50,000 delegates, dignitaries and guests would watch off-site events on giant TV screens. “Now, we’ll go to the deck of the USS Intrepid as the U.S. Marine Corps Band plays the National Anthem,” he said, pretending that he was playing the part of the convention chairman.

“Or, and this is a real possibility, we could see President Bush giving his acceptance speech at Ground Zero,” he added. “It’s clearly a venue they’re considering.”

All I could think while reading this was Ozzy Osbourne saying, "Bubbles? I'm the f*cking prince of darkness!"

Question: is a political party allowed to use military equipment (the USS Intrepid) as a prop?


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