Saturday, February 21, 2004

Google News Democratic Primary Poll for 2/21/2004 (FINAL EDITION)

  This Week (2/13) Last Week (2/13)
1 John Kerry 34700 45.3% +12.0 1 26000 33.3%
2 John Edwards 24000 31.4% +8.3 3 18000 23.1%
3 Dennis Kucinich 9250 12.1% +3.3 4 6940 8.9%
4 Al Sharpton 8580 11.2% +2.3 5 6850 8.8%

Well, Dean is out, and I'm calling it quits on the Google News poll. The race between Kerry and Edwards still isn't decided, but the real purpose of this poll was detect trends in news coverage and how they followed or lead to trends in the political process. I think, at least in the case of Dean, it did a pretty good job of highlighting the whole phenomena of his campaign.

But really, who cares anymore about the media share at this point in the race?

It's been fun doing this. But my number crunching days are over. At least until 2008.

The following is a chart of the Google News Media Share over the last few months:

(Methodology: All numbers are taken from the hit counts when searching on the Google News Service for news stories containing each candidate's name. Click on each name to rerun the search. You will get different results as the numbers are constantly changing. I make absolutely no claim that these numbers have any real meaning.)


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