Friday, January 16, 2004

Atrios is right

No one really knows who the Republicans want to run against. All this talk about how the release of this or that particular smear against a particular candidate is evidence of who Rove wants or does not want to run against is ridiculous.

You know what Rove wants? He wants us to run around like chickens with our heads cut off and that is precisely what we are doing!

Last summer after reports came out that Karl Rove was seen cheering on a group of Dean supporters at a 4th of July parade, several people started using this as evidence that either (1) Rove really wanted Dean as the nominee or (2) Rove was afraid of Dean as the nominee but just wanted Dems to think that he wanted him in a clever bit of reverse psychology. Joe Trippi responded to these speculations on the o-blog by specifically telling people to just stop worrying about what Rove does or does not want.

Trippi understood something that we all need to understand: It's not about what Karl Rove wants! It's about what WE want!

Fuck Karl Rove!


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