Friday, January 16, 2004

The Clark team proves they can slime with the best of them

So now three lawyers, including a Clark supporter and organizer, are trying to make an issue out of Dean's selling of bank stock after he became Governor.

One of the three attorneys filing the complaints, Michael Spadea, donated $50 to Clark's campaign and is a county coordinator is Connecticut for Clark's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

"This is the worst kind of 11th-hour dirty tricks by Wesley Clark's campaign," said Dean spokesman Jay Carson.

Clark's press secretary, Bill Buck, responded: "It's time for Dean to come clean and stop seeing shadows on the wall."

How exactly, Mr. Buck, is Dean supposed to "come clean" if he already is clean to begin with? This is the worst sort of "do you still beat your wife" type comment. Buck, by his statement, is asserting as a given that Dean is guilty of something (otherwise he wouldn't need to come clean) and that, if he complains about this, its just an example of paranoid delusion ("seeing shadows on the wall").

It's a statement worthy of Karl Rove. 'A' for effort Mr. Buck. 'F-' for humanity.


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