Sunday, December 07, 2003

Karl Rove makes a commercial for Democrats

Courtesy Oliver Willis comes this link to a new web-ad (check it out) from the Bush/Cheney campaign that highlights several clips of "angry" Democrats decrying Bush and then asks (paraphrased), "Are you tired of partisan sniping? Vote for Bush for real leadership."

I agree with Oliver's sentiments: the Democrats actually come off looking pretty good in those clips. People who are used to seeing Democrats as milquetoast appeasers might be pleasantly surprised to see a view of Democrats who fight back. This ad could easily backfire on the Republicans. There base won't like what is said in those clips, but I think a lot of fence-sitters might sit there asking, "and they are wrong exactly how?"

In other words, the Republicans are spending money to propagate the Democratic message: that Bush is a failure.

Thank you Karl Rove!


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