Friday, December 12, 2003

Concede nothing

Aziz of Dean Nation makes a point I should have made earlier about this whole "Sista Souljah" idea: if Dean does what some of the experts are suggesting then he will, in effect, be conceding that he is weak on foreign policy. This is precisely the wrong approach to take.

The Bushies want to paint Dean as weak on foreign policy. They want to cast the story as the neophyte vs. the seasoned veteran. Dean has, smartly, refused to abide by this story. This is why he continually talks about how it is Bush who is weak on foreign policy. Dean is trying to turn the story around to say that it is Bush who is the amateur who can't be trusted with the power of the United States. If Dean were to tacitly admit to being weak on foreign policy he would essentially be conceding a major point to the Bush campaign.

Dean has a tough row to hoe in the coming year. The so-called experts want him to put on some more chains to make it even harder.


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