Monday, November 10, 2003

Hear the voices

The chorus all in one place (let me know if I missed any):

Krugman: Flags versus Dollars

Civil rights attorney Constance L. Rice: Stand Firm, Howard Dean

William Saletan: The New Bum Rap on Howard Dean

John Nichols: Rebel flag flap shows media failure

Open Source Politics: Playing the Race Card

Joan Walsh: Confederacy of Dunces

Derrick Jackson in the Boston Globe: Dean's appeal to South cuts across race

The American Prospect: Pickup Line

Susanna Rodell in the Charleston Gazette: Dean’s Confederate-flag remarks politically risky, but true

And some stuff as much about Zell Miller as about Howard Dean:

Jay Bookman in the AJC: Miller wears the crown of King Sneer

(Also see the transcript of the online chat Bookman had with AJC readers following his column: Transcript from 11/6/03)

David Worley's open letter to Zellout Miller in the AJC.

Some of these stories require user name/password. Just use "salon" and "tabletalk".

(Thanks to Ox for compiling this list).


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