Thursday, November 06, 2003

The wailing of the donkeys

There's a lot of ripping of sackcloth and putting on of ashes over in the comments section of this Kos post about the SEIU and AFSCME endorsements. Many people who have opposed Dean are now coming to terms with the idea that he might win the nomination and, to a one, they are all going on like it is the worst disaster that has ever been inflicted on the Democratic party.

Way to demonstrate a winning attitude guys! And people wonder why the electorate is turned off by Democrats.

Here's an idea: if it looks like Dean is going to win the nomination, instead of screaming in anguish, why don't you put your considerable talents to work figuring out how to get Dean elected despite your misgivings?

I know if Dean loses to one of the other candidates I will probably be bummed. A natural reaction to having backed the wrong horse. But I won't waste a lot of time bewailing this because I know it won't do any good. I will instead throw myself full force into figuring out how to get the eventual nominee into the White House.

Stop fretting about all the ways Dean might lose and start thinking about the ways Dean might win and then make that happen! (again, assuming he gets the nomination.)


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