Wednesday, August 27, 2003

People are listening

Ezra talks this morning about the real impact blogs have on the political scene in light of their low readership numbers when compared to daily newspapers (his post was inspired by similar discussions between Max Sawicky and Demosthenes). I think it is a mistake to try and compare the readership of blogs to the readership of general newspapers and news magazines. I have no numbers to back me up on this, but I think that the readership of blogs tends to be much more politically connected then the readership of general news sources. Thus, it is probably better to compare our readership to the small print run political journals then to the major dailies and weeklies. Even if we only have a few hundred regular readers(*) if just five of them have significant political pull (such as a Joe Trippi) then the impact of what we say can be quite substantial. Take heart guys. People, the right people, are starting to listen. (* I would guess I have about 200 who check me out on a regular basis, small time compared to Ezra and a mere dustspeck compared to Atrios and Kos)


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