Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Clark's chances

I was reading some pieces on Clark today and it struck me that Clark is the darling of a lot of political insiders, but few of them seem to be asking whether he really will be able to win over the voters at such a late date (and yes, at least this year, Sept. 2003 is a late date). The voters, particularly those in Iowa and New Hampshire, might be adverse to talking heads telling them who they should vote for. If Clark enters and a lot of pundits start gushing over him I have to wonder if this might produce a backlash that would ultimately destroy Clark's chances. (Take all this with a grain of salt since I am a big time Dean supporter.) I've said before that Clark would make a great President. But he has yet to prove himself as a campaigner and that is the skill that will be most important when it comes to beating Bush. Resumes don't matter as much as the cogniscenti might like them to matter (otherwise there would be no President Dubya). Dean has already demonstrated that he is very good on the campaign trail. Can Clark? Or is he just the last best hope of the Democrats who don't want Dean to get the nomination?


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