Wednesday, June 18, 2003

MoveOn Primary update

MoveOn has put up the candidate web pages for their online Primary. These include letters from each of the candidates and their answers to the online questionnaire generated by MoveOn members. Click here for Howard Dean's page. I have read the Dean, Kerry and Gephardt pages so far. This may be personal bias but I think Dean's page blows away the competition. He hits Bush on all barrels. It is perhaps the best distillation of his political philosophy to date (I suspect it is also the outline for his upcoming announcement speech). By comparison, Kerry devotes his entire letter to discussing one topic: blocking right-wing Supreme Court nominations. Now, this is an important issue to me. But Kerry makes it sound like it is the ONLY issue of any importance to him. Come on! What about the WMD hunt? What about Bush's tax giveaways to the rich? Kerry talks about these some more in his answers to the questions, but even then it sounds mostly boilerplate. I'm disappointed with Kerry. I want to like the guy but he just seems so passionless. I really have to wonder why people think he is more electable than Dean.


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