Friday, June 13, 2003

Segway Update

TAP has a possible explanation for why Dubya fell off the "idiot-proof" Segway:
"You have to turn it on," explained Segway spokeswoman Stacy Ferguson, whose office had spoken to White House officials after the incident. In all likelihood, she said, Bush "didn't see the display." (That display is green, with a smiley face, if the unit is ready to go. Maybe the president didn't see the blank screen.) The president was holding a tennis racket when he got on, so perhaps he was distracted. "We have been saying that the Segway is great on the sidewalk, but it's not meant for the tennis court," ventured Ferguson -- though the president was on a driveway.
If this is really what happened then Bush's idiocy is even worse than previously imagined. If you just got a brand new toy like the Segway are you likely to jump on the thing with a tennis racket the first time you try it, just expecting it to start working for you? No, of course not. Any normal human would be a little tentative at first in approaching the device until they gain their "legs" and feel more comfortable with it. But not George. "Tentative" is not a word in his vocabulary. Nor is "cautious" (just look at his foreign policy). Dubya just expects things to work for him and if they don't then it is the thing's fault. I bet he never reads the instructions for anything. Update: Allen, in the comments, makes the follow astute observation:
What I find saddest and least amusing about the photos is that they look and feel like how Bush has been interacting with our Democracy. No desire to carefully interact with the exquisite sense of checks and balances, but just a big ham-fisted desire to push it where he wants. Unfortunately, for this analogy, democracy gets knocked down and Bush stumbles but gets away unscathed. The reverse would be the preferred outcome.
Sounds about right to me Allen. Bush views the whole world as nothing more than a toy to play with and, if it breaks, it was the toys fault not his.


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