Thursday, June 12, 2003

Fall down go boom

George and his Daddy take the new Segways out for a spin The Segway is supposed to be this great personal transport device that is almost impossible to fall off of as long as you don't do anything stupid. Whoops! Update: Here's a little news story about the Segway. Note the following:
The two-wheeled HT uses a number of gyroscopes and computers to mimic the human body's sense of balance, making it impossible for the device to fall over when being ridden, according to company representatives.
I guess they forgot to factor Shrub into the test suite. Update #2: Zounds! I poor my heart and soul into post after post of thoughtful writing and I get maybe 100-200 hits a day. I post a picture of Bush falling off a Segway and I get a couple hundred hits in an hour! Guess it just proves that the marketroids are right about what brings in the eyeballs. (Not that I'm knocking the additional traffic mind you. :-) BTW, here's a link to a more complete set of pictures showing the whole sorry incident.


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