Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Dean finally speaks on WMD

I've been waiting for Dean to issue some statement on the growing WMD scandal. Up till now Bob Graham has owned this issue even though I think it is a perfect one for Dean to take on what with his strong stand against the war from the very beginning. I understand that he has been waiting for the right opportunity to do so because he didn't want to be seen as just pushing the issue for partisan gain (of course he will be accused of that way anyway by the usual suspects but who cares what they think?) He also wanted to wait for more facts to come in before making any statement on such a volatile issue. Bush's comments from yesterday about "revisionist historians" gave Dean the opening he was waiting for:
Dean: Investigate Bush's Statements on Iraq "Yesterday, President Bush asserted that those who question the evidence he used to justify the pre-emptive war in Iraq are ‘revisionist historians.’ Yet it is President Bush who is rewriting history. “To justify the preemptive invasion of Iraq, the President claimed that the United States faced an imminent threat from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and that the Iraqi regime had direct ties to Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, no reliable evidence has materialized to prove Iraqi support of Al Qaeda, and weapons of mass destruction have not been found. “The American people shouldn't have to wait for the history books to be written to discover the truth. Did the President receive bad intelligence, or did his administration deliberately mislead Congress, the United Nations and the American people? “An independent investigation must be held to determine what the President knew, and when he knew it. The American people deserve the truth.”


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