Friday, June 27, 2003

Distorting the news

For some time now there has been a consistent theme in reporting on fundraising for the 2004 campaign: Bush is leaving the Democrats in the dust. Bush is expected to raise between $200-$250 million for the 2004 campaign. Meanwhile the highest Q1 numbers for any of the Democratic candidates was a little over $7 million for John Edwards. Sounds pathetic doesn't it? Well, consider the following story, which again tries to make it sound like the Dems are eating Bush's dust (link courtesy Ezra Klein):
Bush May Raise $30M in Campaign Blitz WASHINGTON - President Bush expects to raise as much as $30 million this fund-raising period, a stunning figure compared to the efforts of his nine Democratic rivals. "Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of our supporters around the country, we expect to be able to report between $27 million and $30 million for the current filing period" which ends June 30, said Bush-Cheney campaign spokeswoman Nicolle Devenish. By contrast, the entire nine-person Democratic field may manage to raise $30 million combined in the same filing period.
The Democrats are going to raise as much money as Bush individually. That makes it sounds like the Democrats are pathetic right? Well, read it again: The Democrats are going to raise as much money as the Republicans. In other words: the Democrats are quite competitive with the Republicans when it comes to fundraising for the Presidential election. Also consider this: if the Democrats spend the great majority of their money bashing Bush more than each other then they will be hitting him with a +$100 million political campaign this year alone. And all of that money will be focused on one candidate. Bush, on the other hand, will have to spend his money attacking either an amorphous "unnamed Democrat" or spread it around to attacks on each of the leading candidates. Still think the Democrat's fundraising abilities are pathetic? Well, let's hope the Republican's continue to think so as well.


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