Thursday, June 26, 2003

Five Minutes That Should Live In Infamy

Thanks to Bob Harris for bringing to our attention this page at The Memory Hole dedicated to what should be the most infamous five minutes in American history. Take it away Bob:
In the first few seconds of the video, Bush is informed by Chief of Staff Andrew Card that "A second plane hit the second tower. America is under attack." And the guy just sits there. For five... solid... freaking... minutes. The White House admits that Bush fully understood what was happening. So keep this in mind while watching: in New York, as these long, precious minutes slowly tick by, people are burning horribly, people are jumping 100 stories to their deaths, and more planes are very likely headed for other targets (the Pentagon, for example, as it turned out). Bush sits complacently, doing nothing. Fighter planes desperately need scrambling. The Pentagon not yet been hit. This is a grave national emergency. Five. Solid. Freaking. Minutes. Watch the video. Watch it. Watch the damn thing. And while you do, remember that morning. Remember where you were, how instantly you wanted to help, and how desperately you would have leapt to action given any opportunity to defend this country. When the footage ends, he's still not moving, although we can hear the press being told the photo-op is over. Eyewitness accounts indicate that he continued to do virtually nothing for at least another several minutes. This man is still fighting tooth-and-nail to suppress a full public disclosure of exactly what happened that day.
Here's a challenge for those of you have some experience with video editing. Find a copy of footage of the two towers that matches up with the five minutes of video presented here. Then put them side-by-side with no commentary, just the sounds of sirens wailing in the left speaker and children reciting in the right speaker. Then distribute it far and wide. Then ask people what they think of their great President now? Here's a suggested script:
OPEN with black screen, CAPTION with white letters, each caption appearing on the screen one on top of the other with about a 1-2 second gap between them. Caption #1: On the morning of September 11th, 2001, President George W. Bush sat down in a Florida classroom to hear a group of school children practice their reading lessons. Caption #2: At the same moment, the 2nd of two planes crashed into the 2nd of two towers in lower Manhattan. Caption #3: The President was informed of this 2nd event almost immediately. Caption #4: What follows are the most infamous five minutes in American history. CUT TO split screen shot. On the left is video footage of the two towers burning. On the right is video footage of Bush sitting in the Florida classroom, listening to the children beginning their reading lesson. On the left speaker we can hear the sound of distant screaming and sirens blaring. On the right screen can be heard the sounds of the children reading. Andrew Card comes in from off screen left and whispers in the President's ear (CAPTION: "A second plane hit the second tower. America is under attack.") CONTINUE with footage on both sides for the next five minutes. A woman comes into the picture from off screen left and announces that the photo-op is over. Bush continues to sit in his chair. CUT TO black CAPTION: What would you have done?
Take it away folks!


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