Thursday, June 26, 2003

Rebates For Dean!

As we all know, George Bush recently signed a new tax cut bill into law. Part of this bill includes a provision for sending rebate checks to some of us (up to $400 as I understand it). Here's a great idea for demonstrating opposition to the tax cut AND support for Dr. Dean: contribute all or part of that rebate to the Dean campaign! In order to make this easier I've set up an event on the Dean For America house parties site. Apparently you can do this for "virtual" house parties that have no specific location or date (kudos to the web people at the campaign, this is a really cool tool!) I've set up this event for the Portland, OR area and set a goal of $5000 (at least initially). I challenge everyone else to set up similar events in their area. We can make a challenge of this: who can raise the most money for the Dean campaign! Go to to set up a similar event. Leave the date field undefined. I named my event "400 - Portland, OR" as a way of indicating that this is a REBATES FOR DEAN event (the 400 is key). You should probably name your event similarly (e.g., "400 - Austin, TX").


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