Wednesday, May 28, 2003

The Google News Democratic Presidential Poll for 5/28/2003

Time for the 2nd edition of the Google News poll. I've added a 2nd column to display the previous weeks results and rankings.
John Kerry(1) 2760(1) 3250
Bob Graham(2) 2320(2) 2590
Howard Dean(3) 2200(3) 2470
Joe Lieberman(4) 2220(5) 2070
John Edwards(5) 2080(4) 2230
Dick Gephardt(6) 1640(6) 1820
Al Sharpton(7) 1090(7) 1130
Dennis Kucinich(8) 1020(8) 1020
Carol Moseley Braun(9) 732(9) 749
The numbers for all the leading candidates are down this week, probably because of a lack of focus on the Democratic race as a whole what with increased coverage on Bush's tax cut and his push on the Middle-East roadmap for peace. Lieberman bumped off Edwards, possibly because of his involvement in the story about the abuse of Homeland Security by the Texas Republicans. Wampum does a much more thorough analysis of news coverage of the various candidates here. She has much more patience with this than I do. My system is simple number crunching. However, he ranks Dean much lower than the Google News poll does.


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