Tuesday, April 29, 2003

An important message for Democrats

I'm getting a little sick of some of the comments I am hearing from Democrats about how Dean used a "poor choice of words" when he made his comment about America not always being #1. I've been telling several people not to get hung up about his choice of words but they keep harping back on this topic on mailing lists and blog entries. I have only one thing to say in response:


Yes, of course it would have been better if Dean had used different words. But by continually harping on this we are falling back into the old trap of acting guilty when the Republicans distort a Democratic message into sounding like something worse than what it was. Perhaps this is just another manifestation of the Democrat's desire to play fair, I don't know. But you know what people are called who play fair in politics? Losers! Do you see the Republican leaders berating Bush when he makes a gaffe of any kind? Of course not! Do you see Republican partisan's dissecting their own candidate's comments for possible flubs? Are you kidding me? They don't because they understand that doing so plays into the opposition's desire to paint their candidate as not up to the job. If we waste time criticizing Dean for a poor choice of words THEN WE ARE DOING THE REPUBLICAN'S JOB FOR THEM! Every single candidate in this race will have at least one moment where they say something really stupid. If we sit around and fret about how those stupid comments can be used against us then WE WILL LOSE! Once again, Bush and the GOP don't sweat it when Dubya makes a blunder. We can learn a lot from their example. That is all. (Please spread this message far and wide if you agree with it)


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