Friday, March 14, 2003

Irresponsible Boomers

A comment dialogue for my "America, what is it good for?" post: Mike P:
I fail to see why the US should place its security after the economic interests of France, Russia, and Germany. They haven't provided any serious moral justification for not removing the Hussein regime.
Because in any honest long term assessment the security and economic interests of the US and the rest of the world are inseparable. Granted the rest of the world also needs to see that this is true. It is not the fault of France that Bush's assessment appears to be neither honest nor long-term.
That's big picture thinking dre and that's an awful lot to ask of former governor Bush. We are an instant gratification society that has problems thinking beyond what we can do for fun tonight. The idea that what we do now might come back to bite us a few years down the line is just to much for them to deal with. Bush is the ultimate personification of the right-wing stereotype of the irresponsible child of the baby boom.


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