Friday, March 14, 2003

Stupid poll questions

Wolf Blitzer's poll question for today is typically stupid.
What's more patriotic for Americans: To support or to oppose a war with Iraq?
I voted in it because, as Atrios says, if Wolf is stupid enough to read these things on the air than it behooves us to take advantage of them. However, I reject its premise: it is neither more nor less patriotic to support or oppose this war. The point is that ones patriotism should not be called into question simply because of your views on the subject. Patriotism involves doing what is necessary to support the country you love. But it is possible that a war could be contrary to our best interests (think Vietnam) and opposing such a war would be a very patriotic act. So it comes down to the question of whether this war is good or bad for America and that is simply a matter of opinion, not patriotism.


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