Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Olive Willis discusses the Democratic Problem. In his comments section I posted the following: I agree with you Oliver and have been saying as much for quite some time. The reason the Democrats backslid after Clinton left office is because they never really developed a spine during the 90s. Clinton was just propping them up for the 10 years he was on the national scene. The Democrats have made the mistake time and time again of allowing the opposition to define their political strategy. They honestly seem to think that if they find just the right plank and just the right candidate that the Republicans and their lapdogs in the media will simply leave them to actually make their case to the American people. Gore thought it was all about Clinton and that he would catch a break because he was not Clinton. He didn't. The Democratic contenders now seem to think it was all about Gore and that they will catch a break because they are not Gore. They won't. The first Democrat to fully acknowledge this reality is the first that will have any chance of electoral success.


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