Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Here's what should have happened in 2000: 1. The recount should have been allowed to proceed (the Supreme Court does not, as some have suggested, have the authority to step into ALL legal matters). 2. If the recount failed to give Gore the lead he would have conceded and Bush would have become the legitimate President. 3. If the recount gave Gore a lead then the Gore slate of electors would have been sent to Congress. 4. The Republican legislature would have then voted to override that result and send the Bush slate anyway. 5. The tally of BOTH slates would have been sent to Congress to decide which was the official one. 6. Congress, being controlled by Republicans, would have voted for the Bush slate and Bush would have become the legitimate President. 7. In 2002 the voters of Florida, and the voters in the rest of America, would have rendered their verdict on whether their legislatures had done the right thing. That's called Democracy. It's messy, but it works, as long as it is allowed to work. Unfortunately, the Republicans aren't willing to let it work so long as their is the chance that it might go against them. Then they step in and subvert the system by getting their cronies on the Supreme Court to take America out back and put a bullet through its head. That is why, for the forseeable future, I will never vote for a Republican for any office. People who hate America should not be allowed to run America.


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