Wednesday, January 22, 2003

From ABC's Note (page content changes daily)
But perhaps the most interesting speech of the night, however, was given by the doctor from Vermont.
Dean used anecdotes from his time as a family doctor to take on abortion (including "partial birth" and parental consent) in a way that a non-doctor could not.
Dean also somehow organized the room, getting his many supporters there to wave glowsticks when he spoke. A small thing, but it shows that, again, those of you underestimating his organizational skills and efforts on the ground in the key states are making an error. (That said, Dean's prepared remarks were not handed out to the press, as most of the others' were.)
Good God! You mean members of the press might have to actually listen to what he had to say? How can they hope to get a report in to their editors before he even starts talking if he goes and does things like that? (I'm feeling really snarky this morning)


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