Monday, January 20, 2003

Once again we see that those who oppose the anti-war movement are trying to define the terms in which it is proper for us to air our dissent. If, for example, we attend a march that was organized in part by a group of socialists that supported the Chinese crackdown in Tianneman square then we must bow our head in shame that we would lend support to such a group. Bullshit. Why should we have to justify ourselves to the pro-war crowd? Why should they get to define the proper parameters of how we voice our dissent? How is this any different then those who told "uppity blacks" that they could get what they wanted, but only so long as they did it on the "white man's" time table? The Republicans express no shame at being associated with segregationist sheetheads because, quite correctly, they assert that the fact that many of them are Republicans does not, ipso facto, mean that Republicans are supportive of their ideology. (Of course, the Republicans do more then just allow the sheetheads in their midst. They actively recruit them. And for that they should be ashamed.) I would bet that 80% of those attending the demonstrations on Saturday had no clue who it was who organized them or what their political ideology was. They came because they see our country about to make a mistake which it can never take back. For the first time in our history, unprovoked aggression is going to become the official policy of the United States government. This is not the America we were taught about in social studies. We were always taught that those who do what we are about to do are the bad guys. We are defending our dreams of what it means to be American against those who want to pervert it. Pearl Harbor was a pre-emptive strike.


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