Sunday, January 19, 2003

Atrios talks about the continuing effort of some to defame the anti-war effort by attacking some of the more peculiar causes of some if its organizers. I don't think we should let them distract us with these irrelevancies. The opponents of the anti-war effort will try to smear it in any way they can. I think if you stopped many of the protestors on the street and asked them who organized it most of them couldn't answer the question (I couldn't) nor would they care (I do not). I agree with Atrios that the level of "pet loony lefty causes" is dropping at these events. I was at the October rally/march in Portland and there were a lot more folks there, percentage wise at least, talking about Free Palestine or political prisoners in South America or The School of the Americas. I think the organizers are beginning to appreciate that the scope of this thing is way beyond these individual causes and any attempt to hijack it for those efforts would be counter-productive.


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