Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Looks like this is the morning for rehashing old arguments. More from the Table Talk thread mentioned previously. Eric DeGrave comments, "Bush was elected by the electoral college, as described in the US Constitution." Sigh. Each state sends a slate of electors to the electoral college. The votes of those electors are tallied and the tally is sent to the U.S. Congress for approval. It is only when the U.S. Congress opens the tally and votes to accept that tally as official that the President is officially elected. If, however, there is a dispute about which slate of electors from a particular state should be accepted, then it is up to Congress to vote on which one to accept. What the Supreme Court did by its action was prevent an alternate slate of Gore electors from EVER being sent to Congress. Thus the Congress wasn't allowed to exercise its CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED authority to decide between disputed electors. From the moment the Court intervened and stopped the recount all subsequent decisions in the chain were deligitimized. Regardless of what was the correct outcome, Bush's Presidency was forever stained because the body that had the mandate to resolve the dispute was never given the opportunity. THAT is where the felonious five violated their oaths of office. THAT is where they stepped in and, effectively, appointed George W. Bush to be President. The simple fact of the matter is that the Republicans do not trust Democracy, do not trust the will of the people, and decided to subvert it for fear that it might turn against them. A traitor, by their actions might destroy the lives of many Americans. But the Republicans DESTROYED the American system of Democracy because they were to cowardly to abide by whatever it ultimately decided. That makes the Republican party the most un-American that has ever been close to the reigns of power in this country.


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