Friday, January 03, 2003

From an article in yesterday's Times on the secrecy of this administration:
Asked if there was anyone in the administration who was a consistent advocate of openness, who argued that secrecy hurt as well as helped, Mr. Fleischer said President Bush was that person. He said that was exemplified by the fact that while "the president reserved the authority to try people under military tribunals, nobody has been tried under military tribunals."
"I'm holding a gun to your head. I've been holding it to your head for two years. I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Ain't I a nice guy?" update: Chuck Lawhorn over on Table Talk made an interesting response to this:
Chris, the answer to that question will always be "yes." It explains the high approval ratings. An answer of "no" results in a pulled trigger.
I'm not so sure that a large part of Dubya's approval is out of fear. But that fear may have an influence on the way he is covered by the establishment media. Hmmm. Maybe we've all got it wrong. Maybe most of the Washington press corps know that Dubya is nuts. But, if they report that, they might push him over the edge. Thus, they write glowing reports about him in order to keep him from going completely insane. (long pause) Naaahhhhh!


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