Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Hesiod on why Democrats are losers:
They have the right idea. Namely, developing a liberal propaganda network akin to the one the Conservatives have perfected. But, as usual, they are telling everyone about it [which the Conservatives never did], and delegitimizing anything that their plans develop.
The Democratic leadership of the last 10 years, excluding Clinton, has been some of the lamest group of politicians in the history of mankind. It usually takes them years to realize something that the rank-and-file have understood for quite some time, and then they go blabbing all over the place about their failures instead of spending time working, behind the scenes, on improving their successes. Of course, there is something ironic about Hesiod's post pointing out that some of the most strident voices on the left spend as much time criticizing the Democrats as the Republicans. What is ironic is that Hesiod's post (and my post as well), is also a public criticism of Democrats. The Republicans are laughing all the way to the bank.


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