Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The economy is in the crapper. North Korean is getting belligerent. The Bushies are caught flat-footed. Must...Get...People...Talking...About...Something...Else...
Bush: Attack by Iraq Could Hit Economy CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - President Bush warned on Tuesday that a major attack on the United States by Iraq or a group working on its behalf could cripple the U.S. economy. U.S. officials have warned that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein could attack U.S. interests or supply weapons to extremist groups like al Qaeda, which the United States accuses of masterminding the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In response to a question about why the American people should not be concerned about the potentially "crippling" effects of a war with Iraq on the U.S. economy, Bush said: "An attack from (Iraqi President) Saddam Hussein or a surrogate of Saddam Hussein would cripple our economy." "Our economy is strong, it's resilient, we've got to continue to make it strong and resilient," Bush told reporters near his ranch in Crawford, Texas. But he added: "This economy cannot afford to stand an attack." A unanimous U.N. Security Council resolution passed last month gave Baghdad a final chance to reveal all details of its weapons programs, as required by resolutions stemming back to the 1991 Gulf War -- or face U.S.-led military action. Bush said Iraq's response so far has been "discouraging." The United States has accused Baghdad of withholding information about its weapons programs in its arms declaration. "His declaration was short, and the international community recognized that, that he wasn't forthcoming," Bush said. While Bush said he hoped the showdown "will be resolved peacefully," he added: "The choice is his (Saddam's) to make."
Got that kiddies? If we don't attack Iraq they might attack us, so, even if a war with Iraq might hurt the economy we have to do it because the hurt will happen anyway. Korea? What's Korea?


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