Thursday, December 19, 2002

Mark Crispin Miller has penned a new preface for the 3rd edition of J.H. Hatfield's book "Fortunate Son". In this preface Mr. Miller relates the following comments about an incident that occured just as the 2nd edition (the first Soft Skull release) was going to press:
I was pacing outside on the cellphone and I called one of the sources from the afterword, and just let him know that, hey, the book's coming back out—kinda like, "Ha ha ha, you tried to stop it, but it's coming back out." And he was just kinda... well, pissed-off is the best way to put it. But he was cool about it, though. He said, "Look, Number One, we're gonna continue to discredit you every chance we get. We'll make the comments about you being an ex-convict and everything else—and write your science fiction or whatever"—just the same thing they've always said—"and we'll slam you every chance we get." I said, "Well, the difference is, this time I'm gonna put everything out on the table. I'm gonna come right back at ya!" I said, "If Bush says that kinda stuff in the press this time, then I'm gonna say, ‘Well, maybe it takes one to know one, and maybe if my dad was rich, I wouldn't have been down there hoeing cotton in Texas either on a prison farm, and—" I had all my little sound bites ready. And he says, "Well, the second thing we're gonna do is, you need to really think about the safety of your wife and newborn child"—which, he called her [i.e., his daughter] Haley—he called them by their names.
Mr. Miller identifies the man on the other end of the phone as Clay Johnson.


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