Thursday, December 19, 2002

Demosthenes analyzes the dustup between The Daily Howler and Tapped:
To be blunt, We Don't Need This, Guys. I can understand the desire to eliminate simplistic reasoning, but to say that it's just about cliquishness or narratives is willfull blindness. There's a reason MWO became a sensation, and that's because there's more going on here. To deny it out of a desire for personal aggrandizement is attempt to be a key on the Wurlitzer that the Prospect recognized itself.
I agree. This is not the first time The Howler has gotten into this kind of fight with another site that, ostensibly, was on the same side. The problem is that some who see themselves as natural allies of Bob Somerby take offense at him when he aims his guns, albeit indirectly, at them. Bob is not one to soft-pedal his narrative and this can piss people off sometime who don't honestly feel they deserved that kind of criticism.


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