Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Clinton's comments on the GOP could prove to be balls-to-the-wall time for the Democrats. There are two possible scenarios for the future: 1) The Republicans and the establishment media try to turn the story from one about Lott and the GOP giving aid and comfort to segregationists to a story about Clinton trying to take partisan advantage of the Lott scandal. Other Democrats are questioned about this on the various punditarati shows. Most of them balk at being connected to Clinton and excuse the Republican party for their past (and present) attempts to curry favor with the cockroaches. The story quickly becomes all about Clinton, Lott stays as majority leader, the GOP gains even more power as the Democrats sell the last of their testicular fortitude on eBay. 2) Same as before, except this time the Democrats, for the most part, side with Clinton in his criticism of the GOP's past (and present). This, hopefully, has the effect of defeating the effort to turn this into a story about Clinton and it instead becomes a story about what Republicans have been doing for the last 40 years with respect to race. Lott loses his position, the GOP is embarassed and possibily has to go through a long overdue purge of the evil in their midst. Whichever scenario becomes reality will depend almost entirely on whether the Democrats have any political courage left at all. Clinton has thrown down the challenge to them. We will see what happens. I'm not hopeful.


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