Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Is the cat out of the bag?
Traditional Values, GOP-Style By Howard Gleckman The foundation of the GOP's success over the past four decades was what Richard Nixon called his "Southern strategy" -- an appeal to the once-Democratic blue-collar voters who fled their party in reaction to the strong civil rights push of the 1960s. A generation later, Republicans still dominate Southern politics, in part thanks to a more subtle -- but still very real -- message on race. But that's no longer enough to assure national victories in a country roughly split among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.
This is the real story of the Lott contretemps. Lott is really only a small part of it. The real story is that shameful mainstay of the Republican party dominance: the Southern Strategy. Lott's actions have been a god-send in that it has provided the opening the establishment press needs to even begin discussing this disgusting aspect of our electoral history.


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