Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Roger Ailes (not the bald, repulsive one) has put together a timeline of the development of the Lott story to see just who can lay claim to being the first and most active to push this story. Update: Okay, I've read through this timeline and now I'm pissed. While I applaud Sullivan, Reynolds, and others on the right for quickly recognizing that Lott's comments were inexcusable, to suggest that it was only through the efforst of these conservative commentators that this story has any legs is simply reprehensible. As Ailes points out, while the rightward bloggers talked and linked a lot on the topic, it was Atrios and Josh Marshal who did the majority of the leg work on the story when it came to actually digging up damning information. The conservative blogosphere was simply along for the ride. Furthermore, let us not forget that it was Al Gore who made the first significant political comment on this matter by calling for some form of punishment for Lott's behavior (censure in that case). Yes, a lot of other Democrats, such as Daschle (ptooie), punted on this matter, but it was a Democrat who took the risk of striking out in new territory. Again, I want to take nothing away from those on the right who recognized that the time had come to lance this particular boil on their collective ass. The fact that the right-wing bloggers came out so harshly against Lott no doubt gave some of the Republican leadership (and their toadies in the establishment media) the spine they needed to speak out against Lott as well. For that they should be commended. But they shouldn't waste their time trying to pat themselves on the back to hard. They'll just end up with pulled muscles.


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