Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Courtesy of Roger Ailes (not the fat bald one):
The Legend of Strom's Remorse But there never was any such expression of remorse or plea for forgiveness. Thurmond has never publicly repudiated his segregationist past, and with his 100th birthday and a Senate career behind him, it's doubtful he ever will. The legend of Strom's Remorse was invented, by common unspoken consent within the Beltway culture, in order to provide a plausible explanation why Thurmond should continue to hold power and command at least marginal respectability well past the time when history had condemned Thurmond's most significant political contribution. Now that Thurmond is finally leaving Washington, the lie serves no further purpose and will fade away.
So, once again, the establishment media buys into and peddles a myth as reality (Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet right?). How typical. Why does ANYONE trust the dinosaur that is the mainstream media to ever get anything right?


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