Monday, February 02, 2004

Hutton and Kay went to far

Once again I think there is an interesting parallel going on here. In England we had the Hutton report come out with a complete exoneration of Blair on all points and a serious scorching of the BBC. In the United States we have David Kay come out with a complete exoneration of Bush's administration and the claim that their were abused by those rascals at the CIA.

The interesting thing in both of these cases was that the investigating party may have over done it with the exonerations by trying to push the idea that both Blair and Bush are completely innocent parties in this and did absolutely nothing wrong. Even supporters of both governments are a little taken back by that kind of blanket statement and it encourages critics to just stand their and say "Yeah right!" and for many in between to agree with the latter.

In other words, both Hutton and Kay would have served their masters better if they had found some kind of minor thing to slap them on the wrist with. Instead, they went for the complete innocence pronunciation. A verdict that has increased skepticism among the general public and, even worse, within the media.


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