Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Chris Bowers uses a rhetorical trick instead of engaging in an honest debate.

Via FDL, Carolyn Maloney sums up the progressive mentality that has made Blue Dogs, conservodems, and Arlen Specter the overlords of us all. Or, perhaps more accurately, the mentality that has made us all into Blue Dogs:

To NYCEVE, Jane and the blogging community fighting to make sure health care reform includes a public option: (...)

In terms of how we achieve universal health care, I believe the best way is a single-payer health care system and I've long been a co-sponsor of that legislation. But, if single payer isn't on the table, then we must give all Americans the option of enrolling in a public health insurance plan and I will fight to make sure the public option is included in any health care reform bill.(...)

So, while I agree health care reform must have the public option and I will fight for it; I also believe health care reform is too important to maintain the status quo and, even though I won't like a bill that doesn't include the public option, if that happens, the principle of getting people health care who don't currently have it must come before any one particular method to achieve it.

Shorter Maloney: I will vote for any health care reform bill, no matter how watered down. I will give in on single-payer. I will given in on the public option. I will give in to every demand made by every conservative Democrat, and vote for whatever our Blue Dog overlords tell us to vote for in the end.
Shorter Bowers: Carolyn Maloney is "effectively" a Blue Dog.

Didn't we knock back this nonsense when wingers used it to paint all anti-war people as "effectively pro-Saddam"?

Look, I understand the argument that some Democrats are insufficient in their push for effective progressive policy. I understand the point that Democrats will own whatever the results are of this process, so the smart money would be on making it as strong as possible (because you won't get a second chance if it fails).

But trying to shame those on the fence by painting them as fellow travelers of Blue Dogs and ... shudder ... Republicans is reprehensible (and worse, counter-productive).

Didn't we leave Manichean "with us or against us" attitudes behind when we kicked out Bush?


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