Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please explain this to me

How can the Obama administration be both so secretive that they threaten Britain with cutting of surveillance information if they don't suppress information about U.S. torture practices AND so open that they are going to extraordinary lengths to declassify documents that describe those very same procedures?

I know that Glenn doesn't deal in motives, it's not his job. And God bless him for it, he shouldn't let questions of motive get in the way of describing what is actually happening.

But the tone of outrage in his articles continually butts up against a serious conundrum. The picture he is painting of an administration even more secretive than Bush's simply is not compatible with the picture that is painted by the release of various torture memos.

Can ANYONE explain this contradiction?


Blogger Freedem said...

I am thinking that two things are at work to do evil here.

#1 is an invested complex that is capable of painting a secret picture, and/or blackmail or bribe a world view that has been growing in influence for decades.

#2 Bush/Cheney launched a million moles that got buried into the bureaucracy and apply their subversion whenever they are able.

On the Angels side there are also long serving bureaucrats sick of the previous administration pushing such things as the memo's that did get released and warring against the mole people.

9:21 AM  

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