Saturday, September 13, 2008

Confirmation Bias

Today is "steal good shit from Reddit" day:

Its a mistake to think that McCain's campaign is merely telling lies. That misses the point entirely.
What they are doing is telling every demographic something they want to hear.

Their plan, apparently, is to use the human frailty of confirmation bias to get votes.

People will see McCain on TV saying some random thing. Sometimes its
something they don't care about, sometimes its something they disagree
with, and sometimes its something they agree with and want to hear.

A month later, however, most people will only remember the that
thing they wanted to hear, the things they disagreed with will be faded
from their memory.

This is why McCain sounds so insane to people on Reddit who are
constantly paying attention. He says some really nutty stuff that would
only appeal to nutcases in some corner of the country. However, the
average voter won't be paying much attention until a few days before
the election, and will only remember that one thing they heard and
agreed with.


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