Thursday, August 07, 2008

Living Now

End Times Mania (courtesy Amanda of pandagon)
Is there a sense that apocalyptic fantasizing is in a big upswing in our society? I say yes. The amazing growth spurt in belief in the End Times in our society is unmistakable, in fact. Why is this? I think it’s a reaction to modernity. The more people move around, the more we move from the extended family model to the individual/nuclear family model, and the less attachment we have to our work because our jobs become more about being specialized cogs in the machine, the more obvious it is that we’re going to be forgotten the second the ground turns cold. Personally, this doesn’t bother me, because all that means is that you’re facing up to the inevitable sooner. Plus, why do I care what goes on after I’m dead, since I won’t be around to see it? But being remembered as some sort of mediator against mortality matters to a lot of people, so the ugly facts laid bare by modernity are getting to people. Thus, you see more cuddling up to the End Times fantasy, the belief that history will end when you do.
There is an advantage to coming to terms with being "forgotten the second the ground turns cold". If you realize that all you really have is what you have now then you can devote more of your time to using the now you have been given as well as possible. A good discussion.


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