Thursday, July 31, 2008


Billmon (welcome back) posts an excellent mini-biography of John McCain that demonstrates all the ways he has twisted and turned in the past two decades in order to always seem to be on the right side of an issue (and win over the media as his base in the process).
The suckers [in the press] are even starting to suspect McCain’s been lying about them, too. Despite the cozy chats on the Straight Talk Express, the Arizona barbeque weekends, the cheerfully misogynist jokes and the teary-eyed moments when John tells one of his patented POW stories – despite, even, the donuts with sprinkles – he isn’t actually their friend at all. In fact it’s pretty obvious he despises them almost as much as he despises a system that forces him to pander both to them and to the voters.
I agree that the bloom is off the McCain rose as far as the media is concerned. But if, as billmon suggests, McCain pivots "back to a softer, more upbeat message in September" than we can expect that a lot of those confused journos will start to wilt before the McCain charm all over again (proposed storyline, "McCain, facing a rough summer, toyed with the dark side. But, not having the taste for it, he has returned to his more natural sunshine campaign.")

Do I sound cynical?


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