Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guilt By Association

Reading this adds weight to my growing belief that the Democrats strategy for the Fall should NOT be to attack McCain directly (unless, of course, he gives them golden opportunities like he did with the house gaffe). McCain's favorables are pretty solid in the public's view (as are Obama's) and, short of something dramatic happening, no amount of attacks from the Democrats will change that.

People like him. The time to deal with that was several months ago. It's to late now. People like him and Democrats are just going to have to deal with that.

So how should they deal with it?

This election will, I think, come down to "more of the same" vs. "something different" and I think "something different" is the default position of most voters right now. Unfortunately, McCain's personal popularity may allow the public to buy into the idea that he represents "something different". Democrats must spread doubt on that front, but not by attacking McCain directly.

Instead, they must bury him through the use of guilt-by-association.

McCain is a Republican. McCain has wholeheartedly supported Bush policies for the last several years. He has been a cheerleader for everything the Republicans have done that the public hates. By highlighting all the bad things Republicans have done and then adding, "McCain is a Republican", the public will make the connection. And when it comes time for them to pull that lever they will think in their minds, "Yeah, McCain's a decent guy, but damn I just can't trust the Republicans to be in charge anymore."

Attack Republicans directly. Attack Bush directly. Attack McCain by association.


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