Friday, May 23, 2008

Clinton just blew her chance at the VP slot

Whether her comment about assassination was stupidity or perfidity, her mention of the topic has effectively killed any hope she had of being Obama's Veep.

I was already hearing concern expressed by caller's to Thom Hartmann's show this morning that if she were the VP that that would open Obama up to additional threats of assassination. Whether you consider that paranoia or not, it is a real concern of a significant minority of Obama supporters. Putting Clinton in the VP slot after today's stupidity would just exacerbate that concern.

It used to be, early in the Republic, that the Vice President position went to the second place finisher in the election. That's how Thomas Jefferson became John Adams VP, even though they hated each other. That race quickly highlighted the danger of using the VP position as a consolation prize: it created an environment which might encourage a hated political enemy to take the expeditious route to the presidency.

I honestly do not believe that Obama would have anything to fear from a VP Clinton. But others will and that should be reason enough to rule this idea out.


Blogger KYJurisDoctor said...

A new LOW in politics has been descended into by the AWFUL Clintons.

Now, if you can't beat your opponent with ideas and BOGUS "experience" and you CANNOT incite racial hatred against your opponent, you speak of a wish that your opponent be off'ed in June before the primary!

SHAME on BILLARY. You ARE UNFIT to be President!!

6:43 PM  

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