Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pushing the Dialog

WorkingForChange: The Petraeus Conundrum: "Some would say, from a strategic standpoint, don't make an ad that becomes the story. MoveOn knew that -- and knew what the blowback would be -- and made the ad anyway. At least it's getting us talking..and maybe that's the point.

What do you think? Strategic wonder or tactical blunder?

Either way -- at least MoveOn is doing something to end this war."

Those who criticize the MoveOn ad need to realize something: you can't shift the dialog towards the left (or the right) if you only push in the middle. The Republicans figured this out years ago and its high time the Democrats learn it as well.

I don't like the MoveOn ad. I wouldn't use the language they use. But the ad was a bomb directed right at the PR wall erected by the White House and its enablers. If progressives want to change the dialog they have to learn how to take advantage of the breaches such bombs create. You don't have to like the bombs. But you only make the damage worse by scurrying away from the very opening you need to make your case.


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