Friday, March 17, 2006

Why not Dubai?

I've heard some suggesting that Feingold is right to bring a censure motion but that he did it on the wrong issue. In particular, I've heard suggestions that he should have used the Dubai Ports deal because many more people were outraged by that then by the NSA spying.

I, respectfully, disagree.

The Dubai ports deal was stupid, both politically and for national security. But it was not criminal. It was not an assault of the very foundation upon which our Constitutional Democracy was founded.

You don't censure and/or impeach a President because they make a stupid decision. If we did then every President this country has ever had would have faced censure and/or impeachment.

Censure and/or impeachment should be reserved for those actions that are a direct threat to our very Constitutional structure.

Censuring for Dubai may have gotten more public sympathy, but that doesn't make it the right move. It just makes it politically craven.


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