Thursday, March 16, 2006

Water vs. Rock: Water wins

Waiting for the Democrats to "come to their senses" isn't going to cut it anymore. We are going to have to force them to do it.

Activism means being active. It means pushing and pushing and pushing to the point of exhaustion, and then pushing even more.

I watched a documentary last night about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. These two women worked for over 50 years to get women the vote, and died before it became a reality.

If they can work that hard for that long, I can certainly work the 10-20 years it might take to get the Dems to turn around (and yes, I think it could take that long).

I'm tired of waiting and I'm tired of those who are tired of waiting.


Anonymous Ghettoblaster said...

So you're tired of yourself then.

12:31 PM  

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